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Limmu coffee

Ethiopia has a wide variety of Arabica coffee beans. Limmu is not the most known but instead produces excellent coffee. Limmu coffee

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Types of Coffee Beans

Within the Coffea genus, there are two major species of coffee beans. The considerable typical and economically suitable are Arabica and

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Ethiopian Coffee profile

Ethiopian coffee is known for being bright and citrusy with high acidity. It’s light-to-medium-bodied and offers a complex-yet-delicate tasting

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Unique Ethiopian Coffee

It is sometimes called the Roof of Africa due to the height and largest continuous elevation area on the continent. Danakil Depression, Lake Tana,

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Ethiopian Coffee – Single Origin & Traceability

Ethiopia, popularly known as the birthplace of Arabica Coffee, today accounts for 3 % of the coffee grown worldwide.  The main coffee growing

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Sidamo Coffee

• Altitude of up to 1550 – 2200 • Produced washed and exceptionally unwashed coffee • Cup: fine acidity, medium body with spicy • Has:

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