Heleph Coffee Exporter


Guji Coffee

Guji is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Guji is named after a tribe of the Oromo people. Guji is bordered on the south

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Yirgacheffe Coffee

Washed best highland grown coffee Recognized as a district character flavor Set apart for exceptional citrus and floral flavor Has fine acidity Cup:

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Heleph Coffee Company grew in response to global pressure

Coffee is Ethiopia’s natural resource that has been a major source of export income and topped its sell abroad trade for a long time. It is also

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The Coffee Exporter’s Guide THIRD EDITION

The Coffee Exporter’s Guide THIRD EDITION Nu Buna Tetoo ❤❤❤ Ethiopian coffee drinking culture .Ethiopian cultural hospitality that’s been

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Broadly speaking, coffees can be divided into three commercial categories.

Exemplary quality coffees have a high intrinsic value with a fine or unique cup. Usually of quite limited availability. Mostly retailed under the

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Meet A 10years old Israel

A young soul, so innocent and so delightful, age of 10 lives in Sidama zone. Israel Dingama, in his age is so strong, not physically but also

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