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Corporate Project

Journey to coffee origins

Coffee Trip to land of origins with Coffee expert

Road trip in some of the most amazing landscapes.
Discover different plantations (from wild coffee to forest and garden coffee) and processings methods
Discover all aspects of Ethiopian culture : food, music, traditions,…
Meeting with major players of Ethiopian coffee scene : from bean to cup.

Addis Abeba - BAhir Dar - Brussels
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+32 465 722 063

Next departure

From 3 to 14 January 2024

Day 1

Flight to Addis Abeba

Departure flight to Addis Abeba.




Day 2

Addis Abeba, the new flower

City tour of the capital city & African Union headquarter. Meeting with our ancestor, Lucy.
Discover how coffee is drunk in Addis abeba from the first café opened in 1953 to the last hipster espresso bar.
Day 3


Drive down the Rift valley, the great tectonic fault line which cuts across East Africa. Superb panorama over the valley dotted with numerous lakes. Discover Abiata & Shalla lakes national park & Sidama capital.
Day 4

sidama - Yrgaceheffe COFFEE TERROIR

Discover work at the washing station and the different pocessing methods: washed process, natural process, honey process, anaerobic process or mix.

Day 5


In a landscape of hills covered by lush vegetation and overlooking the great rift valley, discover the region of Sidama, one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Ethiopia. Discover the work of small producers of best coffee.
Day 6

Jebena Buna, Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Traditional roastery workshop and Ethiopian Coffee ceremony. Evening at the famous Fendika club, which combines improvisation, traditional Ethiopian music and dance in an vibrant atmosphere.
Day 7

Jimma-Kaffa coffee terroir

Flight to Jimma where it was first discovered somewhere between the 5th and the 9th century.
Drive to Kaffa, the place that gives coffee its name worlwide.
Discover the ancestral preparation of Buna Quala.
Day 8

Wild coffee - forest coffee

Discovery of wild coffees growing in the cloud forest with amazing wildlife.
Forest coffees grow in more or less maintained forest areas from which producers also collect honey and spices. Meeting with producers and local conservation actors.
Day 9

National Coffee research center

Visit of Jimma Agricultural Research Center who work on conservation and development of different coffee varieties. Presentation of JARC work and challenges by local researchers.
Day 10


Flight to Addis Abeba.
Professional cupping of selection of Coffee rom different areas and different process
Day 11

Dry mill & Shopping

Visit of Dry mill Visit local market and/or craftsman’s workshops.
Jour 12

Flight back

Arrival at Brussels airport (or other)


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