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Our coffee undergoes a specialized processing method tailored to meet our customers' specific needs.

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Heleph Innovative coffee producer

We own and operate more than 18 washing stations in Sidama and have more than 600 contracted coffee growers/farmers who supply coffee cherries to our washing stations.

heleph coffee: Ethiopian coffee exporter: Washed coffee


In the washed or ‘fully washed’ style of processing, the outer skin of the coffee cherry is removed immediately after harvesting, usually the same day the cherries were picked. 

heleph coffee: Ethiopian coffee exporter: Honey coffee


This process is midway between the fully washed and natural processes described above, and produces an end-product of medium acidity and notable sweetness. 

heleph coffee: Ethiopian coffee exporter


In the dry or ‘natural’ process which is the traditional Ethiopian process, coffee cherries are dried whole. This is usually done using raised ‘African’ drying beds, though some coffees are also dried on the ground, especially coffees intended for the local market.

heleph coffee: Ethiopian coffee exporter: Single origin coffee

Farmer coffee

Our Micro lot Coffee Offerings are sourced to variety-specific separations and those coffees that are traceable down to an individual farmer. Farmers are paid quality premiums for any micro lot coffee, which reflects the extra planning, effort, labor, and attention to detail required to produce it, as well as rewarding the ultimate job well done