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Empowering Women

Women coffee farmers are keen to play a greater role in decision-making on the family farm, as well as in the community. Deciding, for example, on how money is spent on items such as the purchase of nursery trees or new seedlings or deciding when to harvest ripe coffee cherries is no longer the exclusive domain of the male head of the household.
women are just as capable as men in bringing the coffee harvest to fruition, from planting seedlings to the delivery of coffee cherries to washing stations, generating much-needed cash for themselves and their families. strengthened.
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Providing a reliable income for female coffee farmers through delivering training, advanced coffee equipment, and access to the international market.
Linking female coffee farmers to formal financial institutions to enable women to save and invest in their businesses.
Women’s empowerment may be defined in several ways, including accepting women’s viewpoints, trying to seek them, and raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training.
Women’s empowerment equips and allows women to make life-determining decisions through the different societal problems. They may have the opportunity to redefine gender roles or other such roles, which allows them more freedom to pursue desired goals.

Empowering Women

Meet Meselech and Mekuria from Shentawene Village in Ethiopia

Meet Meselech TUBIE

Meselech is a remarkable coffee farmer and a nurturing mother of five, hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Bensa Sidama. With a 3.5-hectare farm that carries the legacy of her father, Meselech’s journey into the world of coffee began in the 1990s, where her inherited land became the canvas for her dedication and expertise.
Her coffee processing journey begins with the careful harvest of ripe red cherries, a task typically carried out by hand. She invests significant effort in selecting only the finest cherries, ensuring the beans’ utmost quality. After arrival, the cherries undergo an additional round of manual sorting, where less dense ones are separated.

Sustainable partnership Meselech has formed a successful partnership with Heleph Coffee Exporter and Finest Beans, which has enabled her to receive a higher profit margin for her coffee. With her success, Meselech is not only able to provide for her family but also to reinvest in her farm to improve its productivity and sustainability. Through her commitment and partnership, Meselech is not only improving her livelihood but also contributing to the growth of the local coffee industry.

Her coffee is of exceptional quality, a testament to her skills and experience as a farmer. Meselech’s story is a shining example of the impact that can be made when passion, hard work, and partnership are combined.

The chosen cherries then undergo a sunlit transformation. Arranged on raised beds, the selected cherries are spread out in thin layers to dry under the sun’s warmth. Meselech employs African Raised Beds, allowing air to circulate around the cherries, promoting even drying. Regularly turned, they are protected against mold, fermentation, or decay.

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