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Heleph Coffee ሔሌፍ ቡና ላኪ

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Heleph Coffee is an esteemed Ethiopian coffee producer and exporter that has a long-standing reputation for providing quality coffee to both local and international markets. The name ‘Heleph’ symbolizes change and transition, and the company was established in 2018 with the goal of becoming the top coffee producer and exporter in Ethiopia, recognized for its transparency, community involvement, traceability, and innovation. We specialize in sourcing, producing, and exporting single-origin coffee products, with washing stations situated in the premier coffee-growing regions of Sidama, Yirgacheffe, and Guji Zone. Our company is founded on the principles of fairness and transparency in the coffee value chain while also fulfilling the needs of our valued customers.

We purchase coffee from over 150,000 farmers across 3 coffee regions. Our coffee comes from
• 7 family-owned washing sites in the Sidama region,
• 9 single out-grower farmer coffee drying sites, and
• 10 vertically integrated washing sites in Sidama, Yirgacheffe, and Guji.

We believe in treating our farmers like family. That’s why we keep in constant communication with them and stay involved in every step of the coffee processing journey. Understanding the challenges and difficulties that our farmers encounter is essential to being a successful coffee exporter.

Meet Heleph Team

Tsegab Ayele

General Manager

Zerhiun fekede

Documentation Manager

Habetmariam tilhaun

Technical Quality Manager

Yilma Mengestu

Head of Human resource

Jimmy Hsu

Marketing and Sales Manager

Wengel Alemayhu

Marketing and Sales Manager

Shigekazu Yamawaki

Business Development Manager

Abenzer Zenebe

Logistic and warehouse manager

Bire Abebe

Office secretary

Ferdos Hussen

Marketing and Accountant

Bethelem Girma

Marketing and Sales

Yohana Tekeste

Marketing and Sales

Eden Bogale

Coffee Grader

Tinsae Tariku

Sales and Senior Accountant

Muluken Anthene

Business Development Advisor

Dagimawi Hailu

Business Development Advisor


Building a sense of unity, trust, and shared purpose among employees is essential for improving overall performance and the success of our organization. When everyone feels their viewpoints and opinions are valued and supported, it fosters a strong and united team.
  • Enhanced communication,
  • Boosted collaboration.
  • improved job satisfaction, and
  • proactive problem-solving.

In a corporate setting, teamwork is like a set of gears in a well-oiled machine. Each gear has its own distinct characteristics, but when they work together seamlessly, they can achieve great things. Likewise, accomplishing a company's projects relies heavily on all team members' collaboration, synchronization, and coordination.

In order to foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration within our organization, we implement the following measures:

Implementing these steps can create a work environment that supports, values, and motivates employees. This is essential for improving their relationship with the workplace, increasing engagement, and positively impacting overall performance.

What People Say About Us

This Ethiopian coffee comes from Sidama. It was possible to get this amazing coffee through Tsegab. He is a young and passionate man who has a mission to sell the specialty coffee from his region directly to specialty coffee roasters like us.
OR Coffee
The collective efforts of the Heleph community to produce such outstanding coffees causes us to feel a great sense of honor in being able to offer it to our coffee community.
Made in Ehtiopia
Coffee Culutre

Coffee Passionates

A super team can’t rely on one hero. We’ve seen that every member is vital to create something great. Big up to anyone who strives to be a part of something great.Social media love, You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!
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