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Social initiatives in our coffee-farming communities
As Heleph Coffee producer We stand for coffee projects with sustainable character & long-term!
One key area of the core value of Heleph Coffee is education. Our Coffee-growing communities are often remote areas, which makes it challenging to develop local infrastructure and facilities. This, in turn, affects several key functions in a community, including education.
With our coffee projects, we want to create a sustainable & long-term community for our coffee farmers around our washing stations.
For this reason, we believe it is particularly important to support our coffee farmers in the transition to sustainable farming on the one hand, and on the other hand to explain to them why! By buying coffee from us, you are directly supporting the coffee farmers & we want you to see this development as well. For this reason, we promote a transparent & genuine relationship between our coffee farmers & beloved coffee roasters!
One of the roots of our grandfather’s (Tulu Family.) land in Sidama bona zuria district

We founded this school called BONA GWACHO to empower the community 30 years ago in the land of the Tulu Family.

Today, there are 1,600 students benefitting from free education. Every year, our Heleph Coffee company provides these students with school supplies with our clients, and we make sure they have access to clean water and make sustainable efforts to build houses for kids to go to school. With many challenges to improve floors, desks, water sanitation, and sewage systems for the school.
We believe that it is important to work on the next generation.
Yohanse Magane former administration of the BONA GWACHO school and now (an accountant at Heleph Coffee). He says that these school projects have had hugely positive results in these coffee-growing communities, and notes that they are incredibly thankful. With better access to education, he says the children’s opportunities improve, and notes that there is a wider benefit for the parents and teachers as well.
With our coffees, we always look at a holistic view of people & nature. A good circular economy, the use of organic substances & crop protection products, but also the fair payment of coffee farmers, a higher standard of living & also the education of the youth are within our projects and ideas.
For instance, most of our farmers seek coffee consumers and roasters to contribute a small fee for social projects on top of the coffee price they have already agreed on.
“What we do is a baseline analysis for each community, to determine the real needs of that community.”

The Heleph Coffee School Project stands for openness and community spirit. We share our knowledge & exchange ideas with other coffee farmers about the different ways of growing coffee organically, share our knowledge on fermentations & much more!

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