Meet A 10years old Israel

A young soul, so innocent and so delightful, age of 10 lives in Sidama zone. Israel Dingama, in his age is so strong, not physically but also mentally. He says “I want to go to school and play like the other kids. But now I’m at home helping my family in the house.” 

 This kid could be a great asset to his country also to his family if he went to school as he wished.

  On top of providing jobs for the society, our company, wanted to give to the society for those kids like Israel Dingama to have access to clothes, food, school and on any other necessities.

 Right now, Israel Dingama is at school like the other kids he wished to be part of.  Heleph1933 coffee Plc’s main focus is the society, to be there for them in anything they wish to have.

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